Kate Cook is an AmSat certified teacher and a graduate of the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA). Kate also trained with Alexander Technique Training in Chicago (ATTIC) under master teacher Daria Okugawa Harper.

In addition to her private practice, Kate runs the Alexander Technique Clinic of Los Angeles with Rixt Leddy and Stefanos Kafatos. She also serves as a teaching assistant at California Institute of the Arts. 

Kate was on faculty at Illinois State University, where she taught Movement and Acting. Kate also taught at Southern Methodist University, Wheaton College, Rogers Park Montessori School, and The Utah Shakespeare Festival. She has assisted at the School for Theater Creators. Kate spent two summers teaching and co-creating theater in Tanzania with the International Theater and Literacy Project.

Kate was first introduced to the Alexander Technique through the performing arts. She received her MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and has worked in regional theater for more than a decade. She can also be seen as Mrs. Hendricks on Nickelodeon's Henry Danger. Kate is a member of AEA and SAG/AFTRA.

Kate has a background in competitive sports. She enjoys swimming in the ocean, hiking, camping, and yoga. Kate has a particular interest in functional anatomy, developmental movement, and the work of Raymond Dart.

Kate has taught children, adults, artists, athletes, those with chronic pain and those interested in optimizing their performance. She firmly believes that Alexander Technique is useful for all people.