How long is a lesson? One lesson is a fifty-minute hour.

What does Kate do in a lesson? Kate will teach you the principles of the technique and a new way of thinking about the use of your whole self in space. She will guide you through simple movements, such as sitting, standing, walking, lunging, or bending, as well as a time of stillness on the table called active rest. She will use verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance. Each lesson will unfold differently, depending on how you bring yourself to the lesson and what emerges from the collaboration.

What do I do in a lesson? The lesson is your time to learn. Kate asks you to engage with a spirit of awareness and curiosity: simple listening, a non-judgmental mind, and a gentle attention to the process will serve you well. 

What do I wear? Please wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement. Kate prefers that you work with your shoes off, either barefoot or in socks.

Is there homework? Yes, in a way...your development in the work will be expedited, exponentially, by your willingness to apply the principles and the practices of the technique to your everyday life. The more you engage with the Alexander Technique outside of your lessons with Kate, the more "quickly" you will see results, and the more potent the work in the lessons will be.